Value added service

value added service

1. Booth and construction services
Special booth is provided free of charge, standard design service is changed, and those who provide construction service by us will enjoy construction discount.

2. Exhibition services
Through the official website, official micro, conference magazine, manual and network media platform, for exhibitors and purchasers to participate in the exhibition to provide registration, information acquisition, brand promotion, online sales and other services.
3. Promotion services
Free for exhibitors to provide exhibitors with the exhibition of mainstream media interviews, Tencent, Sina, Jinri Toutiao and other online media live broadcast, exhibition live roadshow and other brand promotion services.
4. Transport services
Free of charge for exhibitors and purchasers to provide traffic route planning, vehicle reservation, ticket booking and other traffic ticketing services.

5. Accommodation services
Free hotel information inquiry and hotel reservation services for exhibitors and purchasers. Discount will be granted to hotels designated by the Organizing Committee.
6. Tour service
Free travel information and reservation services for exhibitors and purchasers.
7.Voting activities
Exhibitors can participate in the "most popular products" voting free of charge, can increase brand awareness, and give corresponding awards.
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